'Remind yourself daily that you cannot fail at being who God created you to be'

-Matthew 19:26, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139:14


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 'Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia'

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Transforming Your Life From The Inside Out

Who were you before the world told you who to be?

I want to help you.

It is my belief that our WHOLE LIFE is about relationships

What I believe is.....

Our world has become very disconnected and the human spirit really hungers for that connection with others. AND what I have found is the first void is that deep relationship with the Lord but many people don't know where to start or they have been hurt in the past by another human when they tried to build that relationship. I myself, have my own story as well.

Everything in life is about relationships. Relationship with God, relationship with self, relationship with your son, daughter, husband, mom, dad, sister, friend, neighbor, boss, your relationship with money, with food, with exercise... The list is endless.

I do believe that when you build a closer relationship with God, and embrace who God has created you to be it will open the doors for healing and ultimately the abundant life God has promised you. 

What I know is....

When we feel and look our best, and we have positive thoughts about ourself, its a game changer for the way we live. 

When we take care of our bodies, minds, spirits, and emotional well being we create a happy and healthy life. 

When we remember to unlock our childlike energy with laughter and imagination it can re-ignite creativity and passion in our life. 

What I want to offer is....

I am here to help you build a strong foundation in all of your relationships. 

I will work with you, by your side, to help you discover where you have limited yourself based on thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are not aligned with who God created you to be. And together we can navigate to create new ones that are in alignment with God's plan. (Jeremiah 29:11)

You are a gift to the world, fearfully and wonderfully made.

It is my mission to empower and inspire you to not only discover who God has created you to be, and also to have the courage and strength to step into YOU. You are not alone. God wants to build a relationship with you, and YOU deserve to have healthy and loving relationships.

© Jena Harris Made with love 

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